Trial Policy


If you’re searching for a saddle, you’ve probably run into a wide range of “trial policies.”  Some places let you ride in the saddle a couple times, but you can’t girth it tightly or you have to wrap the leathers with cellophane or encase them with socks, and some places will let you put the saddle on your horse and ride for 10 minutes.  Now, to my mind, that’s not going to give you a very clear idea of how that saddle is going to suit you and your horse.  You can’t really make a choice by riding for 10 minutes, or by riding with socks or plastic wrap bunching up under your leg.  The only way you can be sure if a saddle is going to work for you and your horse is if you have a chance to really ride in it – and not just once, but 4 or 5 times, and under real-life conditions.

Here’s how it works:  Panther Run offers a one-week trial policy that starts the day after you receive the saddle, and allows you a full seven days to ride in the saddle as though you already own it.  Girth it up, put your fittings on it, and try it in “real time.”  Go for a trail ride, jump a course, practice your newest dressage test or gallop cross country – whatever it is that you do.  If you have a local fitter who can assess the fit of the saddle, please do so; if not, you can send photos, and I’ll offer my input.  At the end of the week, if the saddle is just what you and your horse have been looking for, you keep it.  Otherwise, box it back up and return it.  Yes, it really is that simple.

Initially, you’ll be charged for shipping (between $25 and $45 in the continental US, depending on your location), and the cost of the saddle goes on a house charge account.  At the end of the week, if you decide the saddle is the right one, we’ll charge you for it – but not before.


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