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The best thing about being in this business is helping horses and riders find the saddle that suits them and makes riding a joy.  Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“I want you to know that it means a lot to me knowing that Lucy is completely comfortable rolling along under her Eden saddle.  Saddle fit becomes especially important on a blind horse.  If she did not move out freely and with confidence — or if she displayed bad behavior from a poor fit — I’d find myself wondering if her feet hurt or if she was simply becoming unrideable because she’s blind.  This is proof positive to me that getting the fit right was more important than I ever imagined.  Thank you!”

-Fleeta Fore


“Dear Kitt,

Thank you. Thank you for being an honest advocate for my pony’s health and comfort. And thank you for finding a surprisingly affordable and unbelievably well-made saddle that fits my hard-to-fit pony and me. Most of all, thank you for honestly caring about whether the saddle was really right for us.”

– Jane Takenouchi


“Kitt, Bunny and I are loving our new saddle. Today we went for a great ride. I was even able to get some great canter work out of her. When I got her she didn’t really have a canter since pulling a cart she wasn’t allowed to canter. It’s been hard for me to get her light enough on the forhand to really get a good canter out of her. It’s something we are working on. In the few weeks we have had the new saddle I’ve seen lots of improvement. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but I think the better fit for both of us has made a big difference already! Thank so much for your help!!!”

– Heather Wimer


“I worked more with Nancy than with you Kitt, but you both were great, looking at the pics I sent, as well as some video. I didn’t end up purchasing a saddle, but the experience was one that I will happily look to you for advice when I get to the point of saddle shopping again! (I ended up getting a western saddle but I’m planning to look for a vsd all purpose or dressage saddle early in the new year).”

– Kristi Heredia



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“My experience with Kitt was done long distance using email and photos to evaluate my cobby built Connemara for saddle fit. The fit for my mare was my first priority but I had a few specifics I wanted for my riding needs and comfort.  Kitt explained and showed me some options with the in stock Black Country saddles that she believed would suit my mare. It was refreshing to work with someone who answers emails each day, no delays! The biggest “new to me” option was the hoop tree.  I decided on a saddle style, Kitt made sure it had what my mare needed and it shipped out promptly.  During that test ride the improvement the hoop tree made for mares way of going and comfort was amazing. As it turned out I did not care for the style saddle I had selected so I chose another style out of the Black Country line with the same tree specifications Kitt recommended for my mare. The second saddle was the charm and the saddle has been perfect for my mare and myself. I completely recommend working with Kitt long distance and most importantly, trusting her recommendations.  Kitt has is filled with passion and curiosity about saddle fit and horses which is priceless for owners.”

– Leslie Owen


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