Bliss of London


Many saddle companies can boast about the high quality of workmanship or the buttery soft leather they use or the concern about fit for the horse and rider … but Bliss of London can boast about all these things.  The ultimate in made-to-measure, Bliss offers the Regency, the Liberty and the Paramour ranges; each is not only lovely to look at and delightful to touch, but the choice of leathers and fitting options for horse and rider  create a saddle experience like no other.

I currently have these two demo saddles available:



Paramour dressage, 18 mw on the Warmblood tree, $5000.

The Paramour is a monoflap saddle in calfskin, and offers a lovely close feel.  It has a point front and swing rear billet, and the Warmblood tree suits the horse with a decent wither and a broad, well-sprung rib cage.



Liberty jump, 17.5″ mw, $4500.00

This is a gorgeous jump saddle in French calf leather on the close contact tree, which (as the name suggests) offers a close-to-the-horse feel, and fits a flatter, well-muscled topline.  It has center-hung billets, the knee block is integrated into the flap, and has a traditional calf block.



  1. Mary Carter says:

    Who is authorized to work on these? We live in Indiana and we have access to fitters from Custom Saddlery.

    Can the Bliss paramour’s be altered to XX-wide tree widths? We raise and show Welsh Cobs in dressage–it can be difficult to find saddles wide enough to fit them well.

    Thank you.

    –Mary Carter

    • saddlefitter says:

      Mary, I can check with Bliss and find out. Any of their retailers/fitters can work on the saddles, but not sure who’d be closest to you. These saddles are built on spring trees, so can be widened or narrowed about 1 tree width. They’re also available in xxw, and offer saddles built on a hoop tree as well, which is often a perfect option for the Cobs. If you’d like to send templates and photos, I’d be happy to take a look and let you know.

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