Barn Call Guidelines


Thanks for asking me to come to your barn – it’s always enjoyable to travel and meet new horses and people.  Over the years, I’ve developed these guidelines to organize, schedule and help make the visit go smoothly and productively.  Please feel free to post them around the barn so folks are aware and prepared.

Barn call charges can be seen at

  • It’s best if you choose one person at your facility to be the organizer.  This person will act as a liaison with me, schedule the date and organize appointments (see below).  They will also receive a 30% discount (either for work done the day of my visit or at a later date) as a “thank you” for their time and efforts.
  • Appointments are 15, 30 or 60 minutes, and run consecutively.  Templates and photos, and fitting evaluations of existing saddle (with no work done) require 15 minutes, static fit adjustments (horse in cross ties) require 30 minutes per saddle, and active fit (I watch horse and rider, adjust fit, and watch/fit again as necessary) requires 60 minutes per saddle.
  • Please have your horse (and tack) ready a few minutes before your scheduled time.  For templates/photos, please have your horse in the stall or cross ties, blanket / fly sheet off.  For static fit, please have your horse in the stall or cross ties, with saddle, girth and pad ready.  For active fit, please have your horse saddled and be ready to ride.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  I understand that it’s very easy to run late, especially if you’re trucking a horse in.  However, if you’re more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will lose that slot – I have to give priority to the folks who are on time.  I’ll do my best to fit you in at the end of the day or if someone else canceled; otherwise, we’ll have to schedule for another day.  If you can’t make your appointment, please give me 24 hours’ notice via email or phone, or find someone to fill your spot; if you do not, you will still be responsible for your share of the barn call.
  • I’m afraid I can’t fit you in or “just take a quick peek” if you’re not on the schedule.  Again, the folks who are scheduled take precedence.  I’m happy to schedule you for another day, or work you into the schedule if someone else has canceled.
  • I’m happy to answer any questions about services offered or prices if you email me beforehand.  All other questions regarding scheduling/appointments, the host barn and any requirements it may have for truck-ins should be directed to the organizer.

NOTE TO THE ORGANIZER:  Please email me at least 48 hrs. prior to my visit with a list of the participants, their scheduled time, number of horses/saddles to be seen and service required.  If you have any questions regarding scheduling requirements, time allotments or anything else, please feel free to ask.  Many thanks!


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