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Panther Run Saddlery is based in the small town of Sandgate, VT, and is owned and run by yours truly, Kitt Hazelton.  I was born on a small horse farm about 15 miles from my present location, and am entering my second half-century of life in the horse world.  I started riding western (well, technically, I started riding bareback – I never used a saddle much until I was well into my teens), and became hooked on dressage in the early 1980s, when I was lucky enough to ride extensively with the wonderful Sally Swift, the originator of Centered Riding®.  In the early 1990s, I spent 3 years in Los Angeles, CA, working as an assistant trainer and instructor at Linda Mason Training Stable, and starting green horses in the dressage show ring.  When I moved back to Vermont in 1993, I continued to teach and train professionally until about 1998, when I started working for Edie Tschorn at Trumbull Mtn. Tack Shop, Inc.  That was the beginning of my life as a professional saddle fitter, and I found that my “former life” as a trainer and instructor was a huge help, and gave me a lot of insight into the horse/rider/saddle relationship.  I’ve been very lucky to have worked with and learned from some great fitters over the years – Nancy Shedrick (http://www.mysaddle.com/MYSADD~3/NancyShedrick.html), Mike Scott (www.saddleguy.com) and Patty Barnett (www.eastcrowsaddlery.com) – and now am an Associate Member of the Society of Master Saddlers (www.mastersaddlers.co.uk).

I started Panther Run Saddlery, LLC, in 2013. My focus is to continue the tradition to which Edie and the original Trumbull Mountain Tack were dedicated:  to find the right saddle for the horse and rider team, whatever their discipline or fitting challenges.  I specialize in fitting saddles long-distance through the use of templates and photos, and I work locally, doing hands-on fitting in the VT/MA/upstate NY/western NH area.  I’ve also started traveling more widely to give 2-day fitting clinics aimed at prepping people for further saddle fitting education (like Mike Scott’s course), as well as to give the average horseperson a good basic understanding of saddle fitting.

In addition to my saddle fitting and horse-related work, I’m a dedicated martial artist (3rd. stripe brown in Koro Ken Karatedo), an amateur photographer, an avid gardener / cook / foodie, and a mad blogger (http://www.saddlefitter.blogspot.com/).


  1. Christy Foote says:

    Hi Kitt,
    I emailed you about finding a all purpose saddle, and am wondering if you have seen my email yet?

  2. saddlefitter says:

    Christy, I don’t seem to have received it. Can you re-send it to pantherrunsaddlery@yahoo.com? I’ll be in touch as soon as I get it!

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