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Welcome to Panther Run Saddlery.   My name is Kitt Hazelton, and my goal is to help you find a saddle.  And not just any saddle, but the right saddle, the one that suits you and your horse, no matter what discipline you’re riding or what fitting issues you’re facing.  Doing dressage with a warmblood whose back is as broad as a propane tank?  No problem.  Eventing with a Thoroughbred who has a set of sky-high withers?  I can help. Are you a tall, long-legged jumper rider, or a petite trail rider?  No worries.  I specialize in long-distance fitting through the use of templates and photos as well as local, hands-on service.  I carry a wide range of new English saddles:  Albion, Bliss of London, Loxley and Duett, and have select consignment saddles as well.  I also offer flocking and saddle and leather repair.  If your saddle needs a new set of billets, a line of stitching replaced, a set of dee rings or a strip flock, I can do it.  Over a decade of experience and a commitment to my customers (two- and four-legged) and their satisfaction makes Panther Run Saddlery the “common sense saddle solution.”